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Label: Giorno Poetry Systems 
Format: LP
Released: 1979

Condition: Factory sealed

Side One
1. Terry Southern – Vignette of Idealistic Life in South Texas
2. William S. Burroughs – Keynote commentary & Roosevelt After Inauguration
3. John Giorno – Eating The Sky
4. Patti Smith – Poem For Jim Morrison & Bumblebee

Side Two
1. William S. Burroughs – Benway
2. Philip Glass – Building, excerpt from Einstein On The Beach by Robert Wilson & Philip Glass
3. Brion Gysin – Kick That Habit, Junk Is No Good Baby, Somebody Special & Blue Baboon
4. Frank Zappa – The Talking Asshole
5. William S. Burroughs – From The Gay Gun: "This Is Kim Carson," "Just Like The Collapse Of Any Currency," & "The Whole Tamale"

Side Three
1. William S. Burroughs – What The Nova Convention Is About
2. Ed Sanders – Hymn To Aphrodite from Sappho
3. John Cage – Writing For The Second Time Through Finnegans Wake
4. Anne Waldman – Plutonium Ode & Skin Meat Bones

Side Four
1. Laurie Anderson & Julia Heyward – Song from America On The Move
2. Allen Ginsberg & Peter Orlovsky – Punk Rock, Old Pond; Feeding Them Raspberries To Grow, & Nurses Song
3. William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin, Timothy Leary, Les Levine & Robert Anton Wilson – Conversations

Recorded at Entermedia Theater, New York, December 1 & 2, 1978

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