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© 2019 Marco Annelli

The John Giorno Foundation has been established in honor of the life and work of the artist John Giorno (1936-2019), as a posthumous transformation of Giorno Poetry Systems, Inc. founded and incorporated by Giorno in 1974 as a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization. Sharing the mission of its earlier incarnation, The Foundation exists to help poets, artists, musicians and the Nyingmapa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism for the benefit, in Giorno’s words, “of all sentient beings”. The Foundation will also preserve and promote the work of John Giorno, including his literature, visual and recording arts, as well as the artist’s archives.

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© 1969 Gianfranco Mantegna

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© 1971 On The Bowery Portfolio, Domberger Editions

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